I've a rather unique perspective about life.

I have heard conservatively 750 eulogies at funerals through my musical work.  I've witnessed the expression of music help to comfort the grieving and to celebrate life.  I treasure the educational opportunity to have heard how people lived, what mattered and what really didn't.  One can't help but self reflect and learn from these amazing individuals' life stories and their family member's reflections.  The realities that our time here is short and that we are all going to experience death inspired my passion for contemplation on how we live and what matters most.  A journey to healing following a head injury further ignited my passions and my gratitude to God for incredible blessings.

I believe my "eulogy education" along with my pursuit to cultivate greater peace from anxiety and stress were catalysts in my journey with personal development and music.  I am wild about learning every day and collecting tools for life's toolbox.  This inspired my path to certification as an end of life doula where I became interested in legacy work; living your best possible life and showing up each day as your best possible self.  I wondered.. why wait for the end of life to address our lives?  I wanted to serve those at a variety of stages of life.  That's when I discovered and completed the Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Program.  Coaching is life changing, uplifting, inspiring and a collaborative process that is a true honor to be part of.   


I've witnessed the impact of music in many unique areas of life.

Students have come to lessons with low energy, feeling not good enough and music can inspire, uplift them & open their eyes to possibilities.

I'm in awe of the church assembly; inspired to participate fully in liturgy, praising God through music & growing in their faith.

I've observed individuals with advanced dementia that no longer recognize their spouse or children sing all the words to an old favorite song or relax and calm from severe agitation when music is shared.   

My dog responds to music.  My Dagwood will "sing" low and throaty or soft and soaring to the quietest piano (and scotties are not known to "sing").  Even our fur friends are stirred by music.


I love God and my Scottish terrier..

I love God and find the greatest inspiration from my faith.  I have great gratitude and love for my family. friends and Dagwood the Scottie dog who reflects the unconditional love of God.  Music, prayer, Carmelite spirituality, growing closer to God and drawing are my passions.  I love to listen and to learn.  I love getting to know people, meeting them where they are at, being curious, learning what matters to them, listening with delight and encouraging them along their path; shining a light on what extraordinary people they are.

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Thank you, peace and blessings in your life!


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Rebecca's diverse experience includes playing, singing, performing, teaching, coaching, acting and/or directing for music ministry/church services, choirs/ensembles, schools, private lessons, events, senior living communities, theaters, weddings, memorial services, parties, fundraisers and so much more in both the Twin Cities and Los Angeles areas. 

Rebecca has worked with numerous church music ministry programs, as a recreation therapist (music specialist) and has taught music, drama and art in schools. She taught for the Hollywood Academy of Music in Los Angeles and vocal coached actors for audition prep working with a diverse population from beginners in the industry, students preparing for college auditions to established actors and professionals like Sally Struthers, Mike Gallagher, Paul Sorvino and more. She has collaborated in teaching alongside Karen Morrow, Kay Cole, Susan Egan, Sammy Williams, and Steve Kaminski as vocal coach/accompanist on faculty for the Theater, Film and Television Department of UCLA. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin River Falls and California State University Los Angeles. 

She is both a certified end of life doula with Quality of Life Care and is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach.

Rebecca currently works as a music director, professional musician and as a music teacher/coach in addition to her wellness coaching.   She is passionate about sharing the joy of music and helping others through coaching in a way that inspires and uplifts.