I'm Rebecca..




Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach



Wellness Coaching

What's your vision of wellness?  What would living your best life look like?

Wellness coaching can:

  • Help you uncover what your best life would look like for you

  • Identify the steps to get there

  • Be supported along your journey, taking steps and making lasting changes that help you grow and live your best possible life


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with Mayo Clinic certified Wellness Coach, Rebecca. 




I am passionate about sharing music and resources to help inspire, bring joy, release stress and cultivate more mindful presence in life.  


Music can help us:

  • breathe deeper
  • calm our anxious minds
  • feel more relaxed in our physical bodies
  • connect to the present moment
  • connect with one another
  • grow spiritually 
  • lift pain and so much more 


I love to listen and to learn.  I love getting to know people, learning what matters to them, listening with delight and encouraging them along their path; shining a light on what extraordinary people they are. 

Check out my website for information on music for events, music lessons & to purchase albums or visit the CONTACT page to reach out for more information on wellness coaching.


The information on this site does not substitute for your own doctor’s advice; do not stop seeing your doctor.  Rebecca is not acting as a doctor or giving medical advice.  Wellness coaching is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment or advice provided by a licensed therapist or clinical provider. Coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure medical and health conditions. 


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