I'm Rebecca,

a musician and wellness coach.

I share music and resources to uplift, inspire & help you unwind

so you can live what's important now.

I believe in the power of music, love expressed through sound.   


Music can help us:

  • breathe deeper
  • calm our anxious minds
  • feel more relaxed in our physical bodies
  • connect to the present moment
  • connect with each other
  • lift pain and so much more


As a person that spent many years unable to shut off the swirling thoughts in my mind for 10 seconds, let alone 10 minutes; I didn't believe I was capable of finding peace.  I eventually realized after many years of living in worry about the future or woe over the past that I found peace during the moments I was truly present for in my life.  I connected that those moments were often when I was listening to, creating, performing or teaching music.  This inspired my passion of sharing music and resources to help release stress and cultivate more mindful presence in life.  I spent far too much of my adult life putting things off until x, y & z happened.  Now my mission is to "live what's important now".




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