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I heard a recommendation that it is an effective tool to set a timer to accomplish more.  

I completely and entirely thought that idea was ridiculous.  

What would change if I set a timer for 15 minutes?

I resisted.

Then one day, I did it.  

I used a timer.


  • First, it helped me make a step toward a task I was not particularly wanting to work on.  I looked at it like, okay, I can do almost anything for 15 minutes - even those tasks I'm not wanting to..


  • Then, there was the energizing momentum I felt for taking a step toward completion of a project hanging over my head.  While I didn't complete the task in it's entirety during that time; I was filled with YAY ME!  My energy soared!


  • There is also the option to keep going post timer, if you so choose.. which is surprisingly easy to do, in my experience.


  • Finally, I was in awe of how much I actually accomplished in 15 minutes.


Since that first trial, I've used the timer for all sorts of tasks and projects.  Harp practice, photo organization, home decluttering, dusting, journaling, yoga, kitchen cleaning, napping and all sorts of other activities.  I love it!  It helps.  I'm hooked.

I was discussing this on the phone with my brother the other day.  My brother Mike agreed that there were times he employed a timer and had a similar experience.  He brought forth the idea that when we use the timer, our activities have a clear beginning, focused and engaged time with the activity and a clear conclusion.  We both rather had an AHA moment about it.  


Life is full of endless stressors and tasks that seem to go on forever and never come to an end.  That is draining.

The container we create with a timer, allows greater presence in the activity, a defined start and end.  


We both shared how frequently we were actually amazed by the volume of work completed or progress on the activity when we set a timer.  It is quite incredible how much you really can accomplish in 15 minutes.


Give it a try and see what you think...




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