I lived in Los Angeles for a time and while I was there became friends with a woman originally from London.  We enjoyed our visits and she always prepared water in her electric kettle for tea whenever we were together.  It didn't matter the weather - hot, rainy, windy...we had tea.  We would enjoy numerous cups (usually PG Tips) and shared about life.  It was heart warming and chased away tension. 

In the bustle of life and after moving back to Minnesota, I forgot about the beauty of tea.  I didn't have time.  It seemed like too much effort to put on water, select a tea, steep and then take even more time to slowly sip and enjoy, especially without a friend joining in. 

Tea was a decadence I found myself undeserving of.. 

believing I should get more done, 

work harder..accomplish more.. 

But one day I felt guided to create a tea ritual. 

When I take time for tea, it actually feels as though I don't "lose" any of that time from my day.  I seem to accomplish the same amount of tasks as when I didn't take the time in the day for tea AND I accomplish things with greater ease. 

Allowing myself the little breather of "tea ritual" time helps me be a better me. Sometimes I use my tea ritual time for journaling, sitting in stillness, meditation, brainstorming ideas, prayer or listening to music. 

Create Your Own Simple Tea Ritual 

Items required: Water and method to heat water, tea, favorite cup or mug, wee bit of time (even 10 minutes is worth it) 

Heat water (beginning with cold, filtered water if possible.)  Choose your tea and place in cup/mug for steeping.  You will determine your ideal steeping time based on tea package recommendations and your personal taste preference (Hint: don't squeeze tea bags during the steeping process, it can make your tea bitter.)   Breathe and enjoy! 

Optional add ons: listen to music, journal, just take nice low, relaxed breaths or enjoy with a friend! 

Creating a Tea Ritual is a very simple and inexpensive way to treat yourself. 

Full disclosure, I am not yet consistent in a daily tea ritual (my eventual goal) but it is growing into a more regular habit.  Even a short tea ritual makes a difference in my day.  Baby steps... :-) 

What feels decadent to you; 

that you don't feel you have time for? 

It may not be tea for you, 

but perhaps this will get you thinking about 

embracing a new ritual to reduce your stress.. 

HUGE GRATITUDE for your time today. 

Peace to you, 


PS My latest album, THE SPACE BETWEEN (original piano meditations) would accompany a tea ritual well.  Release more stress by listening to the music whilst enjoying tea.  You can purchase THE SPACE BETWEEN on the Music Download page.  Purchase THE SPACE BETWEEN, download original piano meditations  There are additional ideas for suggested use and information about this album on the download page.

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