MEDITATION FOR BEGINNERS (Busting myths for those who think they can't meditate)



(Busting Myths for Those Who Think They Can't Meditate..) 

The benefits of a meditation practice are many: 

manage stress, reduce anxiety, better rest, lower blood pressure, improve relationships, easier/better decision making, 

feel greater peace, grow connection with God/Spirit/Universe/Love/Source, grow intuition..the list goes on. 

Many of us don't believe we can meditate.  Maybe you picture meditation as a person in lotus pose chanting "Om" with no thoughts coming into their head and can't imagine yourself doing that. 


Meditation Myths 

1) I have to sit on the floor. 

You don't have to sit on the floor.  You can sit in an overstuffed chair, lie on your bed, in any position you feel comfortable and in many locations - at home, in nature, your preferred place of worship, while walking.. 


2) I have to do it for a long time. 

Even 5 minutes a day makes a difference!  Close your eyes and breathe deeply.  I tell my music students imagine you are sucking through a straw; which can help you begin to breathe from a deeper place.  If you can spend more time certain days even better, but sneak in a few minutes to have a better day. 


3) If I'm doing it "right" I shouldn't have any thoughts. / I should stop because I can't stop my thinking so there is no point. 

You will have thoughts!  Thoughts are normal.  This does not mean you are doing it wrong!  It is still effective and worth your time if you have many thoughts.  Relax, acknowledge the thoughts and just keep gently bringing your mind back to your meditation.  Guide yourself back to watching your breath, or listening to the music (if you are doing a musical meditation) or the mantra/prayer.   A mantra is a word or phrase you repeat silently.  You can set a gentle sounding timer or use an app for the amount of time you'd like to meditate.  Upon the sound, relax with your eyes closed for a few minutes. 


4) If I meditate, I'm practicing Buddhism. 

Meditation does not have to be religious.  You may choose to make meditation spiritual or not. 


4) Only X form of meditation is effective and correct. 

There are SO MANY forms of meditation.  No one form is more effective or correct.  There are guided meditations, walking/movement meditations, body scan meditations, musical meditations, breath awareness meditations, guided visualizations, zen meditation, transcendental, drawing "meditations" like Zentangle and more.  Experiment and find the forms that you enjoy the most. 


Beginnings of My Meditation Journey: 

I discovered Davidji's book Destressifying about four years ago.  I learned Davidji taught meditation to people in law enforcement, military, business people and people of all walks of life.  Davidji taught me that even people like me, (who felt they could never shut off the anxious, worrying thoughts of life) could meditate!   He rather "gave me permission" to try it and to experience the benefits.  I learned so many notions I held about meditation were completely wrong and that it was normal to have thoughts come up during meditation.  His "16 seconds" is a very simple meditation that can be used numerous times during the day to "destressify". 

Davidji's 16 Seconds: 

Breathe in for the count of 4 

Hold it for the count of 4 

Release the breath for the count of 4 

Hold that for the count of 4 

(repeat as you wish) 

After finishing his book I listened to some of his guided meditations from his website.  He has a soothing voice that guides you into deeper breathing and later into a time of silence.  The guided meditations helped me become comfortable in the silence and stillness.  This introduction and practice grew and now I do all kinds of different forms of meditation. If you are interested in checking out his work click here If you join his mailing list, you gain access to some of his guided meditations at no cost. 

Another mention for those new to (or experienced) with meditation is my just released new album, HEART SPACE and THE SPACE BETWEEN (original piano meditations).  These can be used in many ways, but simply listening to a single track (or more) in a comfortable space and breathing is effective.  If you're interested in learning more about HEART SPACE or THE SPACE BETWEEN or purchasing the download album(s) click here HEART SPACE & THE SPACE BETWEEN meditation albums 

Meditation has changed my life.  Have fun experimenting and uncovering what might work well for you. 

Good Luck and Good Living! 

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